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Thank you for visiting Kinderworld Academy! We are a family-run daycare that supports the overall growth of your children. We believe that allowing your little ones to grow in a safe and loving environment will help them become lively and well-rounded individuals in the future. We at Kinderworld Academy wish to become part of our students’ childhood and learning, and we want them to have the best experience as they learn and play with their friends and classmates.

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Programs We Offer

Here are the programs and services we offer to help your children become the best they can be.

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Infants (0 to 17 months)

Helping your little ones stay in a secure and warm place where they can explore to their heart’s content.

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Young Toddlers (18-24 months)

Encouraging your children to blossom into their true colors through friendship, learning, and independence.

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Toddlers (2-4 years)

Guiding your curious little tyke in venturing into the big world.

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