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Meet the caring and loving staff of Kinderworld Academy.
group of cheerful teachers hanging out in school corridor

Kinderworld Academy is a family-owned and operated academy that provides children with a strong foundation to begin the first chapter of their lives. Our teachers are highly-trained and extremely attentive to support your child’s desire to explore and discover. Our passionate staff values the relationships we have with our families, and work hard to involve them in all our activities and decisions. Kinderworld Academy’s facility provides an openness inside and out for a child to feel free to explore, create, and learn in a safe, loving, and developmentally-appropriate environment.

Each of our teachers was hired for providing a safe and happy environment for your child. We want our staff to help our students feel secure and welcome, as these are the basic foundations of encouraging a child to learn and break out of his or her shell. Kinderworld Academy is your little one’s home away from home. Here is where they can discover their talents and skills with our customized areas for play and learning. With the help of our staff, your child can become the best he or she can be.

For more details about our teachers and staff, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer your messages.