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Your energetic tyke’s space for curiosity and exploration.
dads playing with toddlers

Their tiny bodies hold tremendous amounts of energy, and young toddlers love to explore. Their curious little minds love to know how things work and it is our job as teachers to give them answers to their questions.

At Kinderworld Academy, we address each child’s need for learning. Every day, we provide them with challenging and engaging lessons that will help them discover their talents and skills. Our lessons offer the following:

Language Development
Their ability to communicate is starting, and our lessons will help them how to communicate properly. We offer the basics of American Sign Language to help your child communicate.

Songs and Storytime
One way to improve your child’s communication skills is to incorporate songs and stories into their daily life.

Colorful and Creative
Our rooms are filled with color and drawings that will work up your little one’s imagination.

Social Interaction
We encourage playtime for everyone and making sure that they safely and concerning each other.

For more details regarding our program, feel free to get in touch with us!