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Available For Infants 0-17 Months Old

At Kinderworld Academy, we strive to provide a safe, loving, and clean environment where your child can explore. There is no other time in a child’s life than infancy where he or she learns at a rapid rate. Because of this, it is very important to provide them with a secure environment where they can freely move and observe the space around them. During this stage, infants are keen on watching and hearing the things they see and hear, like the faces of their family or the voice of their mother’s singing.

With the help of our staff, we can keep your baby safe and secure while they slowly learn and adapt. We emphasize the following areas of development:

Brain Development
We focus on the child’s cognitive skills by letting him or her listen to music, explore art materials, or show interest in songs, play, or movement.

Physical Development
It is crucial to keep the child strong and healthy. By letting them practice using their motor skills, they can perform various activities that will greatly value their daily learning.

Social-Emotional Development
We encourage our infants to play together. That way, they can learn and build a bond that may blossom into friendship. This will also help them learn how to share.

For more details regarding our Infant program, please do not hesitate to call us.