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Developmentally-appropriate practices for your growing child.
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We prepare the kids for school and beyond by building the foundation they need to be successful. Each day, the classroom engages in activities that are customized to each child’s abilities and strengths so that they can hone their skills and talents.

In our classroom, we focus on each child’s need for the following:

Hands-on Involvement
We encourage kids to participate in hands-on activities to help them explore their surroundings better.

Problem-Solving Skills
We help them think of ways to solve certain situations and what they should do to prevent it from happening again.

Communication and Literacy
We offer kids an opportunity to learn basic reading and writing skills that will help them ease their way to school.

Social-Emotional Skills
We let the children participate in any group activities and playtime for them to build new relationships and learn about the importance of teamwork and respect.

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