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  • Perfect Curriculum For Learning Toddlers We help your little ones reach higher in their early years of childhood education.
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As your child slowly transitions into his young toddler years, it is important that he or she is ready for his or her social and intellectual development. At Kinderworld Academy, we nurture this development by introducing new concepts, supporting their determination, building friendships, and giving your child the liberty to be independent.

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Teaching your child the fundamentals Cognitive and Physical Development

Learning through playing with the sense encourages reasoning, builds their attention span, and sharpens their memory and thinking.

  • Fun activities, like popping floating bubbles, help our young toddlers develop their thinking skills as they continue an action to discern cause and effect.
  • Rolling a ball to a friend helps a toddler strengthen visual tracking skills while connecting to people and their surroundings.
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Developing your child’s communication skillsLanguage and Literacy

Conversing, asking, following directions, and speaking complex words and sentences establish a solid base for your child’s ability to communicate with other people.

  • Hearing songs in a new language builds their hearing skills for vital brain development.
  • Reading a variety of books each day encourages proper handling of books and improves their love for reading and language.
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Molding well-rounded individualsSocial and Emotional Development

We teach toddlers how to regulate emotions and become confident in conquering various obstacles.

  • Simple art activities teach them how to emphasize various emotions like happiness, sadness, surprise, and more.
  • We encourage independence during cleaning time by letting them follow certain steps and procedures safely and efficiently.

To learn more about our Young Toddlers Curriculum, please feel free to reach out to us. Kinderworld Academy is always open to every developing child.