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Your children’s development gave them the opportunity to discover new skills and talents. Our job as teachers is to make sure that they make use of these skills effectively. They will be taught on how to manage their abilities and social-emotional capacities.

Volunteer teacher helping a class of preschool kids drawing

Helping your child to success HOW OUR TEACHERS CAN HELP

Our staff is dedicated to helping your child become the best he or she can be. Their physical, emotional, and intellectual development is at its crucial stage since they will be making use of these in their academic life. With our guidance and care, we can guide your child on how to properly make use of his or her talents and skills in preparation for school.

Pupils At Montessori School Raising Hands To Answer Question

Developing every child’s skillsINNOVATIVE CURRICULUM FOR YOUR CHILD

With this program, we also utilize the STEM approach. This approach emphasizes science, technology, engineering, and math in play and learning. This allows your child to generate innovative ideas that he or she can use to solve problems while having fun.

With the teacher as their facilitator, students will be guided through their lessons where they can observe, ask, foretell, try, and share what they have learned. We build critical thinking and communication skills as the teachers encourage them to question the “why” of activities and then explain what they learned.

Cute little children drawing with teacher at preschool class


Our preschool curriculum will address each child’s strengths and weaknesses through playing. Here, they will improve the following aspects:

  • Communication and Literacy Skills

    Preschool kids will be taught how to identify and develop their vocabulary and literary prowess. We offer them daily reading, such as storytime, and imaginative play.

  • Social-Emotional Skills

    The children will be constantly formed in groups and pairs where they can practice their social and emotional skills. Through these exercises, they can encourage the use of values, such as compassion, empathy, forgiveness, understanding, and teamwork.

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