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  • Carefully Engineered Curriculum For Infants Our curriculum allows your little one to learn through play.
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Our infant care program focuses on the whole development of the child. Our staff is determined to give them proper care and attention while they are in our care. In the absence of their parents, we want to help the infants practice trust with our teachers and their fellow playmates. That way, they will be more open to learning and seeing discoveries.

This program delves into the physical and thinking abilities of the child. We want to make sure that they develop these skills as early as possible to help them grasp their surroundings better.

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Cognitive Development
We put importance on the infant’s thinking and problem-solving skills. Your baby will make use of our safe toys and books where he or she can experiment and play with. These activities will also make sure that they will get to know their likes and interests early on.
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Physical Development
Infants love crawling around and touching things. In Kinderworld Academy, we assure you that your baby’s playground is baby-proofed and clean. At this time, they can play and tumble with their fellow playmates with a supervising teacher at all times.
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Social Development

We will help develop your children’s social skills by encouraging them to participate in our daily activities in the infant room. We provide play and storytime where they can interact with each other and make new friendships.

To learn more about our Infant Curriculum, please feel free to reach out to us. Kinderworld Academy is always open to every developing child.